Graphic Design

In a visual world, image is everything! You are seen before you are heard or experienced. Michael Tarrell understands the critical importance of strong and effective design to take you or your company to the next level.

Web Design

A Strong web prescence is synomous with success in any industry. it's not enough to have a website, but end users are expecting a web experience. Let us hear your needs and implement an effective solution for you. let us take you to the next level, the success of your business or project simply cant wait.


Branding is the single most important component to building any company or business venture. We are a visually stimulated people we remember symbolism and aesthetically pleasing imagery. At Michael Tarrell, we understand the importance of how you look to yourself and others. What is your identity, what is your Brand? Dont know? Don't worry, we can provide your answer.

Fine Art

Here at Michael Tarrell, we don't only focus on the non-traditional media, but our love and appreciation for traditional also has a place in our repertoire of services. our acclaimed fine art works can light up any room or provide a great conversational piece for any space.